Loop's Guide for Expecting Parents

Complimentary Concierge Service for Expectant Parents

We are here to help during this exciting and busy time! Contact us as soon as you start thinking about baby gear so we can help plan what you need and schedule a stress-free delivery. 

As a perk for expectant parents, we can deliver items up to 3 weeks prior to your due date, at no extra cost to you: simply pay upfront for the first month, and your second month doesn’t bill until 30 days after baby arrives. We can also help with adding Loop to your registry. 

Baby due in less than a month? Contact us ASAP so we can get your items ready! Contact us here or text EXPECTING to +16472498498.

Loop's Newborn Guide

Not sure what you’ll need for your newborn? The simple checklist in our Newborn Rental Guide specifically for babies 0–3 months has our top recommendations for the essentials you’ll need,  so you can be confident that you’re getting the best gear for your little one. And, as with all Loop products, you can easily try different items and swap them until you find what works for you.

Our Expectant Parent Concierge Service helps with...

- Reserving Loop items for future delivery

- Adding Loop to your registry

- Advice on our pregnancy products for moms-to-be

- Planning which items to get when, based on your specific needs

- Exclusive resources for expectant parents

Preparing for Your Newborn

Step 1 // Weeks 15-20

Join Loop

We recommend Annual Membership for expecting parents because it's the best value.  There are a lot of items that you’ll go through quickly during the first 12-months of your child’s development and swapping out of them will be key to keeping your home clutter free. 

While it's never too late to become a Loop member, the earlier the better so that you have more time to plan for what lies ahead. 

Your membership starts on your baby’s due date and renews the same date on the following year, so purchasing it earlier is a good thing. 

Pro Tip: We hear from our members that join late they wish they would have joined earlier to take advantage of the child’s fast development stages during months 0-6.

Step 2 // Weeks 20-25 

Let’s talk product & registry

We have found that expecting parents can really benefit from connecting with our Loop team of seasoned parents to review product and service selection before placing your order. Our team can hop on video calls, phone calls, email or text - whatever works best for to give you the extra confidence you need in making sure you’re all set for the big day. 

As Loop is a shared service, our model doesn’t give well with traditional registry aggregators like Babylist (because they want you to buy). However, you can set up a Cash Fund so that your family and friends can chip in towards your rentals or purchase Gift Cards for you directly from our website. 

We also offer in-home product previews before delivery with our Delivery Experience Associates so that you feel more confident in your product selections.

Step 3 // Weeks 25-30

Your 0-3 month purchase

Ordering your first Loop products needed for babies first 0-3 month’s  now ensures that you’ll have everything you need before the baby comes

By ordering now, you’re pre-paying your first month’s rental fees. Your second month’s rental fees won’t be charged until 30-days after your child’s due date so there is no downside to ordering early. 

Pro tip: We always lightly knock, never ring the doorbell. We know how important naps are!

Step 4 // Weeks 36-38

Your first Loop delivery!

Our Loop Delivery Experience Associates deliver your items fully assembled to you ahead of your baby’s delivery date so you are fully prepared. Our team members will make sure your items are setup to meet your needs and give you demonstrations so that you know how everything works. 

We deliver our products without any additional packaging, so there is no need for you to store or recycle any boxes.

You have everything you need and you can focus on baby!

Step 5 // Months 0-3 

As your baby grows and develops your needs and theirs will change over time. 

Simply let us know if you need to swap out items as you get to know your baby

Well deliver and pick up your items when it's most convenient for you

Pro tip: We always lightly knock, never ring the doorbell. We know how important naps are!