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August 26, 2021

Loop on NBC's California Live

"Stop Buying. Start Looping. Don’t be overwhelmed by baby gear – just use what you need and then return it. Malou chats with the founder of Loop who used his dad experience to make life easier and more affordable for parents."



July 12, 2021

Loop on Verywell Family



July 1, 2021

Loop on Thingtesting 



May 26, 2021

Meet Loop, A New Baby Rental Service For the Best Baby Goods

"It’s a common conundrum for new parents—there are so many great products out there that you really want/think you need, but for how long will you actually use them? (And will your kiddo even like them?) That’s where Loop comes in. The California-based rental service features some of the top items that modern parents covet, all at an affordable rental price that’s good for your wallet—and Mother Earth."



May 2021

Where to Rent Nice Baby Gear

"Loop's rental selection is the best I've ever seen. They carry just about every big ticket item you might need or want during the first couple years of parenthood, including baby gear, toys, and furniture. Membership is $18/month or $149/year, which gets you free delivery, free pickup, and no minimum on orders. Loop's rental prices are higher than some other services, with the cost to rent usually about half the cost to buy that same item new. Loop has a unique service tailored to the "try before you buy" types though, offering the option to buy any item you love at retail price less whatever you've already paid in rental fees. This means you never pay above retail for something you love, and it makes Loop an excellent resource for trying pricier luxuries before you commit. (Yes this means you could possibly pay retail price for a gently used item, but everything in their rotation is in tip top shape and hasn't taken any more of a beating than you'll give it in the first few weeks anyway.) Loop is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand to other major metros soon."