You’re a savvy, modern parent. You no longer need to be overwhelmed by baby gear. Rent it with Loop.

Try out items so you and baby can find what works, without the waste. We handle the research, delivery, assembly and full setup. And when you’re done with it, we pick it up and find it a new home.

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Premium gear without premium prices x
No buyer's remorse x
Full service delivery x
No need to store, sell or give away items x
Only pay for items that you’re using x
Keep baby gear in the community and out of landfills x

Baby on the way

You have a lot on your mind. Let Loop help you get ready for baby’s arrival. Get dedicated support from the Loop team via phone, video call, email or text to figure out exactly what you need, at no extra cost to you.

How it works

Step 1: Become a Loop member.

Pro tip: Annual plan is the best deal for parents-to-be!

Step 2: Work with our expert parent team to figure out exactly which items you’ll need.

Reserve items for future delivery. Add Loop to your registry and more.

Step 3: Receive your items up to three weeks before baby is due.

We’ll deliver and assemble everything, so all you have to do is bring baby home.

Step 4: Keep items as long as you need them, and never pay more than retail.

Swap items anytime to find what you and baby love best as baby grows.

Already a parent

Your baby is growing fast—and so is all their stuff. Loop lets you rent baby gear for as long as you need so you can keep up with baby’s development, try items without commitment and return when you’re done. We’ll even deliver and assemble everything so you have one less thing on your plate. Less stress, less clutter, more time to spend with baby.

How it works

Step 1: Become a Loop member.

Step 2: Select from 100+ items handpicked for quality, safety, sustainability and value.

Step 3: Get your item delivered, fully assembled and packaging free.

Step 4: Enjoy your items as long as you like! Swap or add new items anytime. And, if you love an item, keep it—you’ll never pay more than retail.