Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat

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• Recline angle guides clearly confirm the perfect riding angle; 10 recline positions
• Laid-back leg room gives up to 2" while rear-facing and extra support while forward-facing
• Steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection
• Ventilation panels within the shell and breathable/washable fabric create a comfy climate
• No added fire-retardant chemicals
• Muscle-free True Tension™ doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without any struggle
• 5-point harness does not need to be re-threaded
• Foam and side-impact protection (SIP) pods take side-impact security to the next level

• Suitable for rear facing riding: 5 to 50 lbs.; 49" or less, suggested usage up to at least 2 years of age
• Suitable for forward facing riding: 25 to 65 lbs.; 49" or less, suggested usage 2 years of age or older


Open Product Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 25"; Weight: 28 lbs.